Cloud Agent

Call centre solution on the cloud. No hardware and quickly scalable as per changing needs.

  • Save Money: The greatest advantage of using a cloud based call centre solution is the low cost. You don’t need to spend ANY MONEY on bulky servers and specialized hardware typically required for an on-premise solution.
  • Save Time: We can enable you with a sophisticated call centre solution within a matter of days! No need to sit around twiddling your thumbs for months just to get off the ground and more months every time you need to add/remove features to the solution. Enjoy significantly faster ROI for your solution!
  • Quickly and Effortlessly Scalable: Our solution is editable and scalable on the fly, allowing you to respond to changing industry needs immediately. No longer will technology slow you down!
  • Give your customers a big business image: CloudAgent enables you to give a customized relationship experience to all of your customers. Give your employees easy opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell to clients at a fraction of the cost!
  • Use existing phone hardware CloudAgent: works with your current landlines and even mobile phones out of the box! Save time, money and the hassle of worrying about supplementary expenditures of typical on-premise solutions!

How it works – A simple process for a simple solution

  • We will customise a solution for you within days and set up a call centre for you.
  • If you do not want to use an existing number for this solution we can assist you get a new number.
  • Finally , we will train your staff on how to use the solution on premise or remotely.

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