Emerging trend in IT is to hire, not own the Data Centres. Thereby, letting the real experts manage them, efficiently, affordably.

We offer:

  • Email services:
  • CRM services : customized adaptations of the scalable sugar CRM platform, served through the cloud on a pay per use model
  • Data Centre Hosting Solutions from Netmagic.
  • Google: Customised Geo solutions around Google Maps
  • Cloud Telephony: We partner Ozonetel, pioneers of cloud telephony technology in India.
    Ozonetel’s revolutionary products  ( BizPhone and Cloud Agent) offer unified customer communication solutions successfully overcome the challenge of chocked and slow networks speeds prevalent in parts of our country.

  • Textalysis – This revolutionary product analyses large volumes of text and indicates overall positive vs. negative views of the writers of that text. Use textalysis to analyse customer feedback, ticket emails, customer surveys and get a quick understanding of their mood, enabling you to serve them better.